Autonomous Agreement

The feasibility and usefulness of a « stand-alone contract » (e.g. B a contract based on national law) depend on its ability to serve as an appropriate risk management instrument for the international business community and to improve transaction costs. Many discussions focus on the underlying support structure for procurement and how to put in place a predictable and effective means of global procurement. There is a relationship (sometimes cooperative with other competition actors) between the efforts of international organizations and interested Governments to provide services to international companies on which they can decide to base the content of their contracts and the settlement of disputes arising therefrom. Given the breadth of the purpose of the document, one can only develop a rough outline and a general framework. Section 3 deals with the difficulty of achieving predictability in international disputes, which is a prerequisite for commercial planning of contracts and which all legal systems, in particular those that are autonomous from the State, must manage satisfactorily if they are to succeed. Section 4 discusses other possible ways to improve the uniform predictability and/or effectiveness of dispute resolution, which would lead to greater autonomy or oversteps the law of the State. According to forecasts, the first generation of autonomous cargo ships will operate in the territorial waters of some countries by the end of 2021. It is very likely that these ships will have a crew on board, but who will be quickly served from a remote control center from take-off. Fully autonomous vessels operating independently of a remote control center can still be many years away.


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