Canada-Ontario Immigration Agreement (Coia)

7.1 The parties share roles and responsibilities in planning and conducting activities to promote immigration and recruit immigrants abroad, while recognizing Canada`s responsibility to coordinate these activities at the national and Ontario levels to achieve its economic, social, cultural and demographic objectives, including improving economic immigration. 5.1 Canada and Ontario agree that facilitating the entry of economic migrants, temporary foreign workers and international students is an important part of immigration priorities in Canada and Ontario. 7.1.6 Ontario will consult with the Department of Citizenship and Immigration prior to reaching an agreement or agreement with a third party if such agreement or agreement can result in political changes that would have a significant impact on the agreement. 12.1.3 The CMA meets at least once a year face-to-face or by teleconference. The aim of these meetings will be to conduct in-depth discussions on the overall management of this agreement and innovative approaches to dealing with immigration issues. Earlier this week, the INOS announced that it had reached its provincial nomination for 2017. Ontario`s PNP allocation for 2018 is likely to be more than 6,000, given the higher PNP targets set under the federal government`s 2018-2020 immigration plan. 4.1.1 Canada, in agreement with Ontario and other provinces/territories, will establish a Canadian immigration policy, establish immigration programs and make immigration forecasts. 4.4.1 Canada and Ontario will work together in due course and work together on their immigration legislation, regulations, guidelines, programs and projections. In addition, they will consider all the issues raised by one of the schedule A parties of this agreement.

In a press release, governments said the COIA is creating a framework to step up its joint efforts to welcome and settle immigrants in Ontario to stimulate the economy of Canada`s most populous and prosperous province.


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