Co Location Service Agreement

The BMI authorizes the expiry of any co-location agreement that came into effect on the date of this agreement and does not renew or modify this co-location agreement, and BMI will not enter into a new co-location agreement. (a) Due date: The customer must pay for the colocation services on the corresponding due date, in accordance with Section 2. While ColoHouse usually charges the customer the recurring monthly fee, this amount is due to ColoHouse on the day or before the 1st day of each month during the term of the contract, even if no invoices have been received by the customer. one. Over the life of the agreement (as defined in the service contract form) and subject to the terms of this contract, IEVOLVE will make the co-site, connectivity and related services (the « services ») available to the customer. Services are provided in accordance with IEVOLVE`s guidelines and specifications and, unless expressly stated otherwise, are provided to the Space Co-Location and under the direction of the Customer. d. Responsibility for customer equipment and co-location space. The customer is solely responsible for the customer`s equipment, which remains the exclusive property of the customer, as well as all the software and data stored there (the « stored information »). IEVOLVE is not required to monitor, maintain or maintain customer equipment or stored information, unless otherwise agreed or if the customer subscribes to other IEVOLVE services when administration is required. The customer must protect, maintain and maintain the co-location space and customer equipment and ensure that neither the customer nor his representatives or contractors damage part of the premises, co-location space or equipment located on or around the premises. (c) Recurring monthly – usage-based: Recurring monthly fees for usage-based rental services, set in the service order executed, must be paid by the customer within 10 business days from the date the monthly invoice is issued to the customer who indicates the customer`s use in the previous month.

g. assignment. This contract and the rights and obligations arising from this contract are not transferred or transferred by the Client without the prior written consent of IEVOLVE. A transfer or assignment of this contract involves the sale of all the client`s assets or, for the most part, all of the client`s assets, or a change in the customer`s control. This agreement will benefit the parties and their respective beneficiaries and the approved beneficiaries of the transfer and will be binding on them. The main provisions of this comprehensive document concern the co-location services themselves, the maintenance and repair of the client`s hosted equipment, optional additional services and the client`s obligations. Important variables in the model, such as the exact nature of the co-location services, the details of the customer`s equipment, the details of the service provider`s facilities and the fees paid for the co-location services are all comfortably placed in a number of schedules at the end of the agreement. These should be completed with care and contain as much detail as possible. The term « property » refers to the building and property, the entire terrain, as well as all related equipment, rights, privileges and facilities, including, but not limited, elevators, stairs, corridors, entrances, rest areas, sidewalks, sidewalks, streets, entrances, loading ramps, cafeteria, parking and other similar or related equipment (together « common spaces »), as may exist in and around the building and property. Section 1.2 Original Co-Location Agreement.


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