Credit Agreement Act 75 Of 1980 South Africa

`The provisions of this Act apply to such credit agreements or classes of credit agreements that the Minister may establish from time to time by publication in the Official Journal: provided that the Minister does not have the power to apply such provisions to credit agreements under which consumers are authorized to settle their debts at any time in advance, with or without notice, after they have settled a settlement of the credit provider on the settlement of the loan agreement the required amount. for small contracts, no billing fee is payable; Interest and other charges must only be paid until the date of the statement. This means that a consumer can demand the balance due from the credit provider, pay the full amount and not be sanctioned for it. The consumer has the right to receive an offer and a credit agreement in an official language that he reads or understands, as far as possible. All documents for which no form is required must be available in plain language (a language that a normal consumer will understand with average reading and writing skills and minimal credit experience). Mortgage contracts are cash loans secured by the registration of a mortgage bond on land the proceeds of which are typically used for the purchase of land or housing. The crucial role of credit in the economy is explained in the framework of the Ministry of Trade and Industry of August 2004: the service charge is defined as a fee that can be levied regularly (usually monthly) by a credit provider in relation to the routine management fees associated with maintaining a credit agreement. The maximum service charge within the meaning of the rules is R50 per month or R600 per year. The same R50 « flat-rate » service fee applies to all categories and sizes of credit agreements.


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