David Jones Agreement

The proposed agreement contains a new clause requiring employees to be ready and able to perform the tasks associated with it at the beginning of their service. A new company collective agreement that protects the win. The clause allowing David Jones to reduce the working hours of a part-time worker by 20% has been removed. According to the new agreement, the reduction of the basic hours of a part-time employee can only be done in the event of partial dismissal. Any part-time person whose working time has been reduced by 20% under previous agreements has the right to increase his working time in accordance with the provisions of previous agreements. The part-time flex-up clause has been replaced by an additional part-time time clause. The main changes to this provision are as follows: • David Jones will seek permission for part-time workers to work overtime beyond their basic hours and the hours they have at their disposal to work • Staff must inform about a change in availability for overtime 2 weeks before the determination of the overtime roster. • After staffing has been assigned, staff must notify David Jones as soon as possible if they are un able to work overtime. • Agreed overtime is paid at normal prices of less than 38 hours per week and less than 152 hours per 4-week cycle. Holidays will be made for all normal working hours.

• Employees can revoke their consent to overtime in writing with a period of 7 days. • David Jones will give preference to part-time workers for overtime, including those available in the short term. The vote on the new company agreement dominoes. A roster is made available to full-time workers within 19 days unless there is an agreement between the employee and David Jones to work 20 days. Currently, in most stores, full-time employees can be employed up to 20 days per 4 weeks. The current agreement provides for 2 long days (10.5 hours) per week or 4 per two weeks. Under the proposed agreement, staff can only be recruited one long day (11 hours) per week or 2 per fourteen days. The current provision that permanent employees have scheduled a maximum of 3 Sundays in a four-week cycle has been maintained. In addition, the proposed agreement specifies that an employee who agrees to enter into an alternative agreement may terminate that agreement by giving the company a period of four weeks. The current clause 7.4.5, which refers to the fact that the company does not require employees to work on a four-week cycle a list of base hours of more than 2 Saturdays and 2 Sundays, was removed because it was inconsistent.

The existing savings provisions for Sunday work have been maintained. The Level 1 rate is increased by the increase in AWR and higher levels are paid at a higher percentage of the Level 1 rate. The following rates apply under the new David Jones 2018 Corporate Agreement. . . .


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