Service Desk Agreement

In this article, I list five service level agreement metrics and describe them, which a powerful service service should regularly measure. It`s not necessarily a complete list, but it`s a basic list of metrics that all service desk managers should use. If you have others, please share them in the comments below. I would like to discuss the best way to measure the success of a service desk. Each IT department has a timetable and authorization schedule that must be completed accordingly. Tickets often come and go between service agents and customers. If most of the time is passed into the hands of the Service Desk, a manager can follow whether this time is appropriate or not. A service desk manager may not have control over a customer`s responsiveness while a ticket is open, he should certainly have control over the responsiveness of a service desk agent and the length of time that employees in his team spend working on problems. In the lifecycle of the ITIL service, SLAs are defined and modified in the key areas Service Design and Continual Service Improvement. This means that ALS for IT services should be created with all specifications for new and updated services. When an IT department is designed or modified, the corresponding ALS must also be reviewed and modified to ensure that it is fair, enforceable and realistic. There may be customer requests in which a third party (non-service team member) must otherwise verify, approve or enter the customer`s requirement. A customer can report z.B.dem Service Desk that their keyboard isn`t working.

If the solution is to acquire a new keyboard, permission may be required by the customer, purchasing or financial service manager. If this is the case in your business, what if the purchase approval process takes 48-72 hours? Do you want this to be taken into account in your service level agreement with your customer? When it comes to managing a service desk, we want to provide a service that makes customers satisfied and confident that their requests will be resolved correctly and in a timely manner. So if we want to resolve customer requests properly and in a timely manner, we should measure the metrics for these two things, right? Companies that fail to audit and adapt their SLAs in times of IT service improvement may no longer meet their service level targets – and the result could be customer loss or penalties for ALS breaches.


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