Stud Agreement Contract

This is intended to certify that the cover is: ____ Note, that you limit your stud farm and stud contract to dogs that are only located at your general location. In addition, you need to consider a few other things in your contract, including: Although it may seem like you are putting into a contract, the deeper you are, the better you can protect not only yourself and your stud farm, but also all its descendants who have been brought into the world. In addition, stud fees vary depending on the breed and quality of your dog. As already said, dogs with health shares and titles will be more desirable and will be more in demand. Therefore, their stud fees will be higher. I would also like to emphasize once again that only dogs with desirable properties and clearances should be bred. It may seem like we`ve passed a lot of information, but all the points so far are very important when you create a hedging contract. If you understand the pros and cons of your service, writing down your contract will be much easier if you sit down to get started. All efforts to prepare for the exam must be exhausted to ensure that the selected stud farm meets the breeding objectives. In addition, too frequent breeding of your stud will give way to a surplus of sperm from your dog – known as popular father syndrome.

If studding generates so much turnover, it is because it is usually quite difficult to find dogs that have the « perfect » pedigre. If the genes of a stud farm are everywhere, it is no longer considered rare and beautiful and your turnover will decrease. However, not enough breeding and your income will also decrease. Perhaps you would like to base your decisions on breeding your stud farm on factors such as breed of mothers and location to find a breeding balance. There is also no harm in insisting on having the first selection of the throw. By constantly choosing the most powerful puppy in the group, you build an impressive pack of dogs that promote and enhance your dog`s covering role. Imagine the puppies in your stud farm as a kind of dog resume – they help give dam owners information about what to expect if they choose your stud farm. The better the filiation, the better the CV, the more interviews and offers there are! In case of failure of the breeding after maintenance, no additional cost will be charged to the mother next season for a return service..

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