Credentialing Delegation Agreement Sample

Credentialing delegation agreements are essential in the healthcare industry, as they establish defined processes and responsibilities of primary sources and delegated entities. These agreements help ensure that credentialing and privileging decisions are made objectively, impartially, and consistently.

For healthcare organizations, creating a credentialing delegation agreement is an essential step in the credentialing process. It also ensures that the organization meets the requirements established by accrediting bodies who oversee the credentialing process.

A credentialing delegation agreement outlines the specific responsibilities of both parties involved in the credentialing process. The primary source is responsible for verifying and evaluating the information supplied by the healthcare provider, while the delegated entity is responsible for reviewing the primary source’s evaluation and making credentialing decisions.

The agreement also offers protections to the healthcare organization by outlining what actions the delegated entity may take when granting privileges to a healthcare provider. These actions may include suspending, modifying, or revoking privileges when necessary.

To create a credentialing delegation agreement, it`s essential to ensure the document includes a few key components. The agreement should describe the roles and responsibilities of both parties thoroughly. It should also outline any procedures for the primary source to follow when conducting evaluations and provide specific details about the criteria used for credentialing decisions.

Finally, the agreement should include a dispute resolution process should any issues arise. This process will describe how conflicts will be addressed and resolved between the parties involved in the agreement.

In conclusion, credentialing delegation agreements are essential in the healthcare industry. They establish accountability and transparency in the credentialing process and ensure that both the primary source and the delegated entity fully understand their roles and responsibilities. By creating a comprehensive credentialing delegation agreement, healthcare organizations can ensure that the credentialing process is conducted objectively and in compliance with accreditation standards.


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