List of American English Contractions

When it comes to writing in American English, contractions play a significant role in conveying a conversational tone. Contractions are a fusion of two words into one by dropping one or more letters and replacing them with an apostrophe. They are commonly used in speech and informal writing styles and are an essential aspect of the English language.

Here is a list of common American English contractions:

1. I’m – I am

2. You’re – You are

3. He’s – He is

4. She’s – She is

5. It’s – It is

6. We’re – We are

7. They’re – They are

8. That’s – That is

9. Can’t – Cannot

10. Won’t – Will not

11. Don’t – Do not

12. Didn’t – Did not

13. Shouldn’t – Should not

14. Couldn’t – Could not

15. Haven’t – Have not

16. Hasn’t – Has not

17. Hadn’t – Had not

18. Wasn’t – Was not

19. Weren’t – Were not

20. Aren’t – Are not

21. You’ve – You have

22. I’ll – I will

23. We’ve – We have

24. They’ve – They have

25. You’ll – You will

26. She’ll – She will

27. He’ll – He will

28. It’ll – It will

29. I’ve – I have

30. Let’s – Let us

Contractions are often used in everyday speech and writing, but it is essential to know when and where to use them. They are more acceptable in informal communication like emails, text messages, and personal letters. However, in formal writing like business documents and academic essays, it is best to avoid contractions.

As a copy editor, it is crucial to pay attention to the tone and style of the writing and ensure that contractions are used appropriately. Overuse of contractions can make the writing seem too informal and detract from the message. On the other hand, not using contractions in informal writing may sound formal and stilted.

In conclusion, contractions are an important aspect of American English. They help to convey a conversational tone and make the writing more relatable. As copy editors, it is our responsibility to ensure that contractions are used appropriately and in line with the intended tone and style of the writing.


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